Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shoes customizing~! =)

Wanna pimp-up your shoes?
* For those who are interested in sending your shoes for customization, it would be great if you can give me the theme or share your own ideas for the shoes..We can discuss bout the designs, and I'll see what i can do aite=)
However, for those who don't have your own ideas, don't worry aite..Just put your trust on me bebeh!=) I'll draw a draft of what i'm going to do for your shoes first..then, if you like it, i'll start drawing it on your shoes..okie?=) Otherwise, I'll give you some samples that i've designed on canvas and you can just pick which design you like...=)

* Shoes lovers who are not SOoo brand concious and don't have the time to buy or send your own shoes, you can always order from me a pair of low cut, North Star canvas shoes (RM40). However, i will not be responsible if the size you requested doesn't fit your stinky feetttt aiteee! make sure you give me both, your normal shoe size and the measurement of your feet in "cm".
Pricing (not including postal charges)
RM 40 per pair (low cut) , RM 50
per pair (high cut)

Below are some pix of canvas shoes that i have customized..=)